Computer Programmer Solved Paper 60/2015

Question Paper Code: 60/2015
Computer Programmer - Technical Education -Engineering Colleges
Date of Test: 18.04.2015

1.         Type of value stored in a variable can be identified using .............. of the variable.
(A) Variable Name      (B) Data Type
(C) Variable Size        (D) None of these
Answer: B
2.         Two main measures for the efficiency of an algorithm are:
(A) Processor and memory   (B) Complexity and capacity.
(C) Time and space              (D) Data and space
Answer: C
3.         If two sets A and B have no common elements then such sets are known as:
(A) Union         (B) Distinct
(C) Disjoin        (D) Complement
Answer: C
4.         ................. are used to overcome the difference in data transfer speeds of various devices.
(A) Speed enhancing circuitry         (B) Bridge circuits
(C) Multiple buses                          (D) Buffer registers
Answer: D
5.         Cache memory works on the principle of:
(A) Locality of data               (B) Locality of memory
(C) Locality of reference       (D) Locality of reference and memory
Answer: C
6.         If 11001101, is divided by 1102 the remainder is:
(A) 101 (B) 11
(C) 0      (D) 1
Answer: D
7.         The program that brings the object code into memory for execution is:
(A) Loader       (B) Fetcher
(C) Extractor    (D) Linker
Answer: A
8.         The order in which the return addresses are generated and used is:
(A) LIFO          (B) FIFO
(C) Random     (D) Highest priority
Answer: A
9.         The classification of Buses into synchronous and asynchronous is based on:
(A) the devices connected to them (B) the type of data transfer
(C) the timing of data transfers       (D) none of the above
Answer: C
10.     Winch is not a magnetic storage device?
(A) Hard disk              (B) Tape drive
(C) Compact disk       (D) All of these
Answer: C
11.     In a digital representation of voltages using an 8-bit binary code, how many values can be defined?
(A) 128            (B) 256
(C) 64              (D) 16
Answer: B
12.     The memory used to hold the address of data stored in the cache is:
(A) Associative memory        (B) Primary memory
(C) Secondary memory        (D) Register
Answer: A
13.     ............. is a black box testing method.
(A) Basic path testing           (B) Code path analysis
(C) Boundary value analysis (D) Recovery testing
Answer: C
14.     The strategy of temporarily suspending the running process is called:
(A) First come first serve      (B) Shortest job first.
(C) Preemptive scheduling    (D) Non-preemptive scheduling
Answer: C
15.     Fork is:
(A) Creation of a new job      (B) Dispatching of new task
(C) Creation of new process (D) Increasing priority of process
Answer: C
16.     Resolution of externally defined symbol is done by:
(A) Linker         (B) Loader
(C) Compiler    (D) Assembler
Answer: A
17.     In .................. topology, whole network goes down, if a computer’s network cable is broken.
(A) Ring           (B) Star
(C) Bus            (D) Token ring
Answer: A
18.     Baudot code uses ................ bits per symbol.
(A) 3      (B) 5
(C) 6      (D) 8
Answer: B
19.     Which of the following problem is undecidable?
(A) Membership problem for CFL
(B) Membership problem for regular sets
(C) Fitness problem for FSAs
(D) Ambiguity problem of CFGs
Answer: D
20.     Image compression is:
(A) reducing the size of image to fit to screen
(B) making image look better
(C) reducing the redundancy of image data
(D) reducing degradation over image
Answer: C
21.     Basic steps for filtering in the frequency domain:
(A) Fourier transform                      (B) Filter function
(C) Inverse Fourier transform          (D) All of the above
Answer: D
22.     What is the difference between a simulator and an emulator in embedded system development?
(A) Emulator runs in target system, simulator runs in development system
(B) Simulator runs in target system, emulator runs in development system
(C) Emulator is indented for assembly language testing, simulator intended for high level language testing
(D) Simulator is indented for assembly language testing, emulator intended for high level language testing
Answer: A
23.     Type checking is normally done by:
(A) Lexical analyzer    (B) Code optimizer
(C) Syntax analyzer    (D) Linear analyzer
Answer: X
24.     Producer consumer problem can be solved using:
(A) monitors               (B) semaphores
(C) event counters     (D) all the above
Answer: D
25.     Time To Live field in the ip header is used:
(A) to find the shortest path (B) to find alternate path
(C) to avoid infinite loops      (D) to reduce the size of packet
Answer: C
26.     AGING is a technique used in:
(A) FCFS                             (B) Round Robin
(C) Priority scheduling          (D) Pre-emptive scheduling
Answer: C
27.     The term used to refer to a row in database is:
(A) Field           (B) Tuple
(C) Attribute     (D) Entry
Answer: B
28.     In a microprocessor the register that keeps the results of arithmetic or logic operation is:
(A) Program counter   (B) Flag register
(C) Accumulator         (D) Stack register
Answer: C
29.     Thrashing occurs when a:
(A) Computer’s virtual memory subsystem is in a constant state of paging
(B) Computer’s main memory got exhausted
(C) Computer’s processes are in indefinite dead lock
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
30.     A system program that sets up a program in main memory ready for execution is:
(A) Assembler (B) Linker
(C) Editor         (D) Loader
Answer: D
31.     For large networks, ............... topology is used.
(A) Bus            (B) Star
(C) Ring           (D) Mesh
Answer: B
32.     ARPANET stands for:
(A) American Research Project Agency Network
(B) Asian Research Project Agency Network
(C) Ad-hoc Research Project Agency Network
(D) Advanced Research Project Agency Network
Answer: D
33.     Every context sensitive language is:
(A) Recursive enumerable language
(B) Recursive language
(C) Context free language
(D) Context sensitive language
Answer: X
34.     The permitted values of each attributes of a relation is called its:
(A) Set             (B) Tuple
(C) Schema     (D) Domain
Answer: D
35.     The addressing mode in which you directly give the operand value is:
(A) Relative      (B) Direct
(C) Definite      (D) Immediate
Answer: D
36.     What is the value of j after the execution of the following code?
int j = 0;
int N = 10;
(A) 0      (B) 9
(C) 10    (D) 11
Answer: C
37.     The address generated by CPU is:
(A) Physical address             (B) Absolute address
(C) Logical address              (D) Memory address
Answer: C
38.     IEEE 802.11 standard for wireless LAN uses ............... multiple access technique.
(A) COMA        (B) ALOHA
(C) CSMA/CA (D) All of these
Answer: C
39.     The worst case complexity of heap sort is:
(A) n log n        (B) n2
(C) Log n         (D) N
Answer: A
40.     A protocol used for secure sending of data over the Internet is:
(A) SMTP        (B) FTP
(C) HTTPS       (D) TCP/TP
Answer: C
41.     The ................. method provides a one-time session key for two parties.
(A) Diffie-Hellman       (B) Public key
(C) RSA                     (D) DES
Answer: A
42.     How many root element an XML document can have?
(A) Any number as required
(B) One
(C) Two
(D) Only limited by available memory
Answer: B
43.     Which of the following is a goal of data mining?
(A) To extract some observed event or condition
(B) To analyze data for expected relationships
(C) To create new database
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
44.     Critical path of the PERT chart is:
(A) Path which takes the longest time to complete the project
(B) Path which takes the shortest time to complete the project
(C) Path which takes the most appropriate time to complete the project
(D) None of the above
Answer: A
45.     The language used by end users and programmers to manipulate data in a database is:
(A) HTML         (B) DML
(C) XML           (D) GML
Answer: B
46.     Secret key encryption is also known as:
(A) Asymmetric encryption    (B) Symmetric key cryptography
(C) RSA                               (D) USA
Answer: B
47.     What is a firewall?
(A) Boundary of a network
(B) A routing software
(C) Software to prevent unauthorized access
(D) A web browsing software
Answer: C
48.     Which normal form is based on multi-valued dependency?
(A) First                     (B) Second
(C) Third          (D) Fourth
Answer: D
49.     mov ax, bx. Which addressing mode does this instruction use?
(A) Immediate            (B) Indirect
(C) Register               (D) Direct
Answer: C
50.     An RTP packet is encapsulated in:
(A) a TCP segment              (B) a UDP datagram
(C) an IP datagram              (D) a SMTP packet
Answer: B
51.     To prevent .............., we can timestamp the packets.
(A) Error          (B) Jitter
(C) Loss          (D) None of these
Answer: B
52.     The complexity of Binary search algorithm is:
(A) O(n)                     (B) O(log n)
(C) O(n/2)        (D) O(n log n)
Answer: B
53.     If every node u in G is adjacent to every other node v in G, a graph is said to be:
(A) Isolated      (B) Complete
(C) Finite         (D) Strongly connected
Answer: B
54.     To extend the connectivity of the processor bus we use:
(A) PCI bus                (B) SCSI bus
(C) Controllers           (D) Multiple bus
Answer: A
55.     If 110011002 is divided by 1102 the quotient is:
(A) 11011        (B) 1111
(C) 100010      (D) 100001
Answer: C
56.     Which data structure allows deleting data elements from front and inserting at rear?
(A) Stacks        (B) Queues
(C) Deques      (D) Binary search tree
Answer: B
57.     Which of the following data structure is linear type?
(A) Strings       (B) Lists
(C) Queues      (D) All of above
Answer: D
58.     Speed of a microprocessor is determined by:
(A) Address bus width          (B) Data bus width
(C) Clock                             (D) None of the above
Answer: C
59.     How many gates would be required to implement the following Boolean expression after simplification?
(A) 1      (B) 2
(C) 3      (D) 4
Answer: B
60.     With a 200 kHz clock frequency, 16 bits can be serially entered into a shift register in .............. time.
(A) 4 μs                     (B) 80 μs
(C) 80 ms        (D) 8 ms
Answer: B
61.     The principle of locality of reference is applied in the use of:
(A) Virtual memory     (B) Random access memory
(C) Cache memory     (D) Optical memory
Answer: C
62.     Parser is also known as:
(A) Lexical analyzer    (B) Code optimizer
(C) Syntax analyzer    (D) Linear analyzer
Answer: C
63.     The operation in relational algebra for viewing a set of tuples is:
(A) Select        (B) Project
(C) Union         (D) Join
Answer: A
64.     The average case complexity of linear search algorithm is:
(A) O(n)                     (B) O(log n)
(C) O(n2)         (D) O(n log n)
Answer: A
65.     Data Encryption standard is a:
(A) Stream cipher                 (B) Block cipher
(C) Substitution cipher          (D) None of these
Answer: B
66.     Data about data is:
(A) Database   (B) Mega-data
(C) Metadata   (D) Schema
Answer: C
67.     No. of layers in OSI reference model:
(A) Four           (B) Five
(C) Six             (D) Seven
Answer: D
68.     Routers are components of .............. layer in OSI reference layer.
(A) Physical layer       (B) Network layer
(C) Transport layer     (D) Data link layer
Answer: B
69.     mov al, [bx]. Which addressing mode does this instruction use?
(A) Register indirect                        (B) Base index
(C) Base index plus displacement    (D) Register
Answer: A
70.     The number of attributes in a relation is called its:
(A) Cardinality (B) Size
(C) Schema     (D) Degree
Answer: D
71.     The operator used to concatenate two strings in ORACLE is:
(A) ||      (B) $
(C) #      (D) %
Answer: A
72.     A full-adder has a Cin = 0. What are the SUM and the Cout when A = 1 and B = 1?
(A) SUM = 0 Cout = O           (B) SUM = 0 Cout = 1
(C) SUM = 1 Cout = 0           (D) SUM= 1 Cout = 1
Answer: B
73.     For which inputs the output of an exclusive-NOR gate is 1?
(A) A=0, B=1    (B) A=1, B=1
(C) A=0, B=0   (D) None of these
Answer: X
74.     The depth of a complete binary tree is given by:
(A) Dn = n log10n         (B) Dn = n log2n+1
(C) Dn = log2n             (D) Dn = log2n+1
Answer: D
75.     Which of the following data structure is not linear data structure?
(A) Arrays                  (B) Linked lists
(C) Both of the above           (D) None of the above
Answer: D
76.     A binary tree whose every node has either zero or two children is called:
(A) Complete binary tree       (B) Binary search tree
(C) Extended binary tree       (D) None of the above
Answer: D
77.     The WORST-CASE complexity of Bubble sort algorithm is:
(A) O(n)           (B) O(log n)
(C) O(n2)         (D) O(n log n)
Answer: C
78.     Which of the following is a web server?
(A) Apache      (B) IIS
(C) Tomcat      (D) All the above
Answer: D
79.     Grammar recognized by a FSM is:
(A) Only context free grammar
(B) Only context sensitive grammar
(C) Only regular grammar
(D) All of these
Answer: C
80.     For efficient searching compilers use .............. search tables.
(A) Linear search tables        (B) Binary search tables
(C) Hash tables                    (D) Binary search trees
Answer: C
81.     The Island Sivasamudram situated in which river?
(A) Krishna      (B) Godavari
(C) Kaveri        (D) Damodar
Answer: C
82.     Which of the following is not associated with the Lahore Session of the Congress December 1929?
(A) Council entry
(B) Poorna Swaraj
(C) Tricolour Flag hoisted
(D) First Independence Day January 26, 1930
Answer: A
83.     Final approval of Indian Five Year Plans is given by:
(A) Planning Commission      (B) National Development Council
(C) Reserve Bank                 (D) President
Answer: B
84.     Which of the following was not the centres of the Revolt of 1857?
(A) Delhi          (B) Kanpur
(C) Lucknow    (D) Madras
Answer: D
85.     The State in India where active diamond mining done:
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Maharashtra
(C) Uttar Pradesh       (D) Gujarat
Answer: A
86.     In which year India honoured Dr. Nelson R. Mandela by awarding Bharat Ratna?
(A) 1992          (B) 1994
(C) 1990          (D) 1987
Answer: C
87.     The Nobel Prize winner for Peace in 2013:
(A) IAEA          (B) OPCW
Answer: B
88.     Common Wealth Heads of Government Meeting 2013 (CHOGM) was held in:
(A) New Delhi             (B) Dacca
(C) Islamabad            (D) Colombo
Answer: D
89.     Through which rocket was Mangalyan orbiter injected into earth’s orbit?
(A) PSLV 16               (B) PSLV C25
(C) PSLV C5              (D) PSLV C9
Answer: B
90.     Name the cyclonic storm that hits the coasts of Odisha recently:
(A) Haiyan       (B) Helen
(C) Thane        (D) Phailin
Answer: D
91.     With which country India took part in joint military exercise “INDRA 2013”?
(A) Russia        (B) Japan
(C) America     (B) China
Answer: A
92.     Which of the following is not the tributaries of Bharatha Puzha?
(A) Gayatri Puzha      (B) Kannadi Puzha
(C) Chali Puzha          (D) Kalpathi Puzha
Answer: C
93.     Which Is the predominant soil in Kerala mostly reddish brown to yellowish red in colour?
(A) Black soil              (B) Alluvial soil
(C) Lateritic soil          (D) Saline soil
Answer: C
94.     The famous Pilgrim Centre Vaikom is situated on the banks of:
(A) Vembanad Lake   (B) Kayamkulam Lake
(C) Ashtamudi Lake    (D) Sasthamcotta Lake
Answer: A
95.     Trikalkudi rock-cut cave temple, Kaviyoor situated in which district of Kerala?
(A) Kottayarn   (B) Pathanamthitta
(C) ldukki         (D) None
Answer: B
96.     Through which poem Mahakavi Kumaranasan raise his voice against caste barriers?
(A) Veenapoovu         (B) Nalini
(C) Lila                      (D) Duravastha
Answer: D
97.     Blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara was born in which district?
(A) Alappuzha            (B) Kollam
(C) Ernakulam            (D) Kottayam
Answer: A
98.     Which of the following is not associated with Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi?
(A) Al-Islam                         
(B) Swadeshbhimani
(C) Chirayankizh Muslim Samaj
(D) Loyal Muhammadans of India
Answer: D
99.     Who started the Dalit Liberation Movement Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha [PRDS]?
(A) Ayya Vaikunda                (B) K. Kelappan
(C) Kumara Gurudevan        (D) Ayyankali
Answer: C
100. Which of the following is not related to K.P. Karuppan?
(A) Kalyanadayini Sahha       (B) Ananda Maha Sabha
(C) Jnanodayam Sabba        (D) Sanmarga Pradeepa Sabha
Answer: B

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