Computer Assistant Gr II Solved Paper (Cat. Code: 043/2016) - Part 4

61.       ‘Stet’ written on manuscripts represents:
(A) Omit the word or line marked
(B) Type the matter scored off
(C) Insert a word or letter
(D) To split letters or words
Answer: B
62.       The last word typed at the end of a page being repeated as the first word in the subsequent page is called:
(A) Catch word
(B) Post script
(C) Footnote
(D) Endnote
Answer: A
63.       Which of the following helps in correcting the typed matter on a typewriter?
(A) Paper bail
(B) Margin stop scale
(C) Segment
(D) Line finder scale
Answer: D
64.       Decrease in main spring tension in a typewriter leads to:
(A) Jerking
(B) Overtyping
(C) Jumping
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
65.       Which pen is used for signing on a stencil paper?
(A) Sketch pen
(B) Ink pen
(C) Stylus pen
(D) Hard pencil
Answer: C
66.       The key which is not found in English Typewriter:
(A) Margin release key
(B) Key release key
(C) Tab set key
(D) Dead key
Answer: D
67.       Which of the following is not a non-character key?
(A) Master key
(B) Tab release key
(C) Key release key
(D) Tab set key
Answer: A
68.       .............. helps the type bars to return to the basket after each stroke.
(A) Paper Guide
(B) Card Holder
(C) Feed Rolls
(D) Buffer Spring
Answer: D
69.       Which are the guide keys in the English Typewriter?
(A) q and p
(B) a and ;
(C) z and m
(D) a and |
Answer: B
70.    Overlapping of letters at the locked right margin is called:
(A) Rewriting
(B) Off setting
(C) Aligning
(D) Piling
Answer: D
71.    In which of the following, the subject of the letter is given under “abstract”?
(A) D.O. Jotter
(B) Circular
(C) Govt. Order
(D) Memorandum
Answer: C
72.    ‘E & OE’ is the abbreviation for:
(A) Errors and Omissions Excepted
(B) Errors and Omissions Expected
(C) Errors and Omissions Erased
(D) Errors and Omissions Expelled
Answer: A
73.    In a Business Letter, ............. is typed just below the complementary close.
(A) Perprocuration
(B) Designation
(C) Salutation
(D) Name of the signatory
Answer: A
74.    How many spaces are to be provided after a colon?
(A) One
(B) Three
(C) No space
(D) Two
Answer: x
75.    How many space adjustments can be done in a Typewriter?
(A) 3
(B) 5
(C) 2
(D) 4
Answer: B
76.    Which finger of the left hand is used to type the letter ‘Z’?
(A) Little finger
(B) Index finger
(C) Ring finger
(D) Middle finger
Answer: C
77.    ................ is used for getting continuous uppercase characters.
(A) Shift lock
(B) Marginal Release key
(C) Shift key
(D) Tab set key
Answer: A
78.    The cheapest method of taking a large number of copies using stencil is called:
(A) Stencil Cutting
(B) Stencil Duplicating
(C) Manifolding
(D) None of the above
Answer: B
79.    The Cyclostyle machine was invented by:
(A) David Gestetner
(B) Christopher L Sholes
(C) William Mill
(D) Sir Isaac Pitman
Answer: A
80.    The Loose Dog helps in:
(A) Ribbon reverse movement.
(B) Up and down movement
(C) Step by step movement
(D) None of the above
Answer: C

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