Kerala PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 64

631.       The proposed Ken-Betwa river linking project is in which state?
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Odisha
(C) Gujarat
(D) Madhya Pradesh
Answer: D
632.       The uprising of 1857 was described as the first war of Indian Independence by:
(A) B.G. Tilak
(B) V.D. Savarkar
(C) S.N. Sen
(D) R.C. Majumdar
Answer: B
633.       The title of ‘Viceroy’ was added to the office of the Governor General of India for the first time in:
(A) 1848           
(B) 1856
(C) 1858
(D) 1862
Answer: C
634.       Who among the following belong to Moderates?
(A) B.G. Tilak
(B) W.C. Banerjee
(C) Lala Lajpat Rai
(D) Bipin Chandra Pal
Answer: B
635.       Cripps Mission arrived in India in the year:
(A) 1947
(B) 1946
(C) 1942
(D) 1940
Answer: C
636.       The Indian who attended all the Three Round Table Conference was:
(A) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar
(B) Mahatma Gandhi
(C) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
(D) Annie Besant
Answer: A
637.       Who is the father of English poetry?
(A) Milton
(B) Wordsworth
(C) Charles Dickens
(D) Chaucer
Answer: D
638.       Founder of Prathyashareksha Daiva Sabha (PRDS)?
(A) Poilayil Yohannan
(B) Brahmananda Sivayogi
(C) Paremakkal Thoma Kathannar
(D) Chattampi Swamikal
Answer: A
639.       Who presided over the meeting of Namboodhiri Youth wing held at Talipparambu in 1931?
(A) Sree devi Kannamppalli
(B) Uma Alampalli
(C) Kavumkkara Bhargavi
(D) Parvathi Nenmini Mangalam
Answer: D
640.    The Malayalee woman who attended the International Women's conference held at Copenhagen in 1949?
(A) Kamala Nambeesan
(B) Ammu Swaminthan
(C) Arya Pallam
(D) Priyadutta Mullamngalath
Answer: B

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