Kerala PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 58

571.       Who is the President of France?
(A) Nicolas Sarkozy
(B) Jacques chirac
(C) Francois Hollande
(D) Jaochim Gauck
572.       The Booker Prize winner of 2012 is …………..
(A) Jeet Thayil
(B) Hilary Mantel
(C) Julian Barnes
(D) Mo Yan
Answer: B
573.       ICC T20 World Cup winner of 2012 is…………..
(A) Sri Lanka
(B) Australia
(C) India
(D) West Indies
Answer: D
574.       Who won the women’s 100 meter Gold in 2012 London Olympics:
(A) Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce
(B) Carmelita Jeter
(C) Christine Ohuruogo        
(D) Felix Sanchez
Answer: A
575.       The 59th National Award for Best Director was won by:
(A) Gurvinder Singh
(B) Salim Ahamed
(C) Suveeran
(D) Vetrimaaran
Answer: A

576.       God’s particle is the pseudonym of ……………
(A) Large Hadron Collider
(B) Quarks
(C) Leptons
(D) Higgs Boson
Answer: D
577.       Which of the following determines that the Indian Constitution is federal?
(A) A written and Rigid Constitution
(B) An independent judiciary
(C) Vesting of residuary powers with the centre
(D) Distribution of powers between the Centre and the States
Answer: D
578.       The term 'cabinet' is mentioned in which of the following articles of the Constitution?
(A) Art. 74
(B) Art. 75
(C) Art. 352
(D) Not mentioning in the Constitution
Answer: C
579.       The institution of Lokayukta was created for the first time by the state of
(A) Maharashtra
(B) Bihar
(C) Punjab
(D) Orissa
Answer: A
580.    Which of the following writs is not specifically provided in the Constitution of India?
(A) Prohibition
(B) Injection
(C) Mandamus
(D) Quowarranto
Answer: B

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