Kerala PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 55

541.       'Gate Way of India' build in 1911 in commemoration of the visit of ………..
(A) King Henry I and Metilda of Scotland
(B) King George IV and Maria Fitzherbert
(C) King William IV and Saxe Meninger
(D) King George V and Queen Mary
Answer: D
542.       Who implemented 'Misra Bhojana Programme'(dining along with the lower castes) to fight against the evils of caste system in kerala?
(A) K. Ayyappan
(B) K. Kelappan
(C) Mannathu Padmanabhan         
(D) Sree Narayana Guru
Answer: A
543.       Who is known as the father of the political movement in Travancore?
(A) K.P Achutha Menon
(B) C. Kunjirama Menon
(C) Mannath Krishnan Nair
(D) G.P. Pillai
Answer: D
544.       'Pritzker Prize' is considered as the highest honour in the field of ………..
(A) Journalism
(B) Inter religious co-operation
(C) Architecture
(D) Multi-lingual Education
Answer: C
545.       Which Indian state has the lowest population density?
(A) Missoram
(B) Arunanchal Pradesh
(C) Sikkim
(D) Kerala
Answer: B

546.       Which global organisation is behind the 'Earth Hour' observed on every march?
(A) Amnesty International
(B) World Wild Fund for Nature
(C) Greenpeace
Answer: B
547.       Which rocket was launched by ISRO during its 100th mission?
(A) ASLV-C21
(B) GSLV-C21
(C) PSLV-C21
Answer: C
548.       The 2012 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to ………………
(A) Liu Xiaobo
(B) European Union
(C) Barack Obama
(D) Inter governmental Panel on climate change
Answer: B
549.       The minister  for Cooperation in Kerala is:
(A) C.N. Balakrishnan           
(B) K. Babu
(C) Adoor Prakash
(D) V. K. Ebrahim Kunju
550.    India is called a tropical country mainly on account of its:
(A) Latitudinal Extent
(B) Longitudinal Extent
(C) Areal Size
(D) Tropical Monsoon Climate
Answer: A

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