Kerala PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 37

361.       The permission for import and export of Hazardous Waste in to or out of India is granted by
(A) Ministry of Shipping
(B) Ministry of Foreign Affairs
(C) Ministry of Environment and Forests
(D) None of these
Answer: C
362.       Right to receive food security allowance is a guaranteed right according to
(A) The National Food Security Act, 2014
(B) Food Safety Standards Act, 2006
(C) Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, 1954
(D) None of these
Answer: A
363.       The information sought by an applicant under the Right to Information Act, 2005 shall be supplied within
(A) 15 days
(B) 45 days
(C) 30 days
(D) None of these
Answer: C
364.       The Tebhaya movement started in
(A) Bengal
(B) Andrapradesh
(C) Bombay
(D) Gujarat
Answer: A
365.       The leader of Abbinav Bharat Society
(A) Lala Hardayal
(B) Surya Sen
(C) Pulin Bihari Das
(D) V.D. Savarkar
Answer: D

366.       The first person to hoist Indian tricolour flag in an international flat forum
(A) Subash Chandra Bose
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Madame Bhikaji Cama
(D) C.R. Das
Answer: C
367.       The leader of 1857 revolt at Kanpur
(A) Nana Saheb
(B) Bahadur Shah II
(C) Beegum Hazret Mahal
(D) Maulavi Ahammedullah
Answer: A
368.       The roof of the world
(A) Himalaya
(B) Hindukush
(C) Karakoram
(D) Pamir Plateau
Answer: D
369.       The longest Peninsular river
(A) Mahanadi
(B) Godavari
(C) Narmada
(D) Kaveri
Answer: B
370.    The Southernmost point of Peninsular India
(A) Kanyakumari
(B) Tamilnadu
(C) Indirapoint
(D) Srilanka
Answer: C

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