PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 29

281.       Which Amendment Act has created the 9th Schedule of the Indian Constitution?
(A) The Constitution (First Amendment) Act, 1951
(B) The Constitution (Seventh Amendment) Act, 1956
(C) The Constitution (Ninth Amendment) Act, 1960
(D) The Constitution (Fourteenth Amendment) Act, 1962
Answer: A
282.       Who decides the nature of a Bill in Indian Union?
(A) The President
(B) The Prime minister
(C) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
(D) The Parliament
Answer: C
283.       According to the Indian Constitution, the 'Residuary Power of Legislation' belongs to:
(A) The Cabinet
(B) The Parliament
(C) Supreme Court of India
(D) The President
Answer: B
284.       Impeachment proceedings against the President of India can be initiated against the charge of …………..?
(A) Proved misbehavior
(B) Violation of the Indian Constitution
(C) Incapacity
(D) Convicted for an offence involving moral turpitude
Answer: B
285.       The constitutional provisions described as the 'heart and soul of the Constitution' by Dr. B R Ambedkar is .....................?
(A) Article 14
(B) Article 19
(C) Article 21
(D) Article 32
Answer: D

286.       The first woman Chief Secretary of Kerala?
(A) K.O. Aysha Potti
(B) K. K. Usha
(C) Pathma Ramachandran
(D) V. S. Ramadevi
Answer: C
287.       Who introduced Printing Press in Kerala?
(A) The English
(B) The French
(C) The Dutch
(D) The Portuguese
Answer: D
288.       The book 'Vrithamanjari' was written by …………….
(A) A.R. Raja Raja Varma
(B) Kerala Varma Valiya Koil Thampuran
(C) Kunhikuttan Thampuran
(D) Kochunni Thampuran
Answer: A
289.       The 'Samyukta Rastriya Samathi' ( Joint Political Congress ), the organisation, was in connection with …………….
(A) Punnapra - Vayalar Upheaval
(B) Abstention Movement
(C) Electricity Agitation
(D) Malabar Rebellion
Answer: B
290.    'Sabdikkunna Kalappa' a short story written by:
(A) Muttathu Varky
(B) Kesav Dev
(C) Ponkunnam Varky
(D) S K Pottakkad
Answer: C

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