PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 27

261.       Which amendment act added a new fundamental duty under article 51 (A) of the constitution which provides that it shall be the duty of every Indian citizen to provide education to their children upto the age of fourteen years?
(A) 75
(B) 88
(C) 86
(D) 83
Answer: C
262.       Gandhiji called 'a piligrim' - his last journey to Kerala. This was in connection with ..................
(A) Kilafath propagation
(B) Vaikam Satyagraha
(C) To meet Sree Naryan Guru
(D) Temple entry proclamation
Answer: D
263.       The main centre of Civil Disobedience Movement in Kerala was Payyanur. It located on the banks of .................
(A) Uliyath Kadvu
(B) Payyambalam
(C) Darmadam
(D) Ayeekkal
Answer: A
264.       'Subharayar' is the real name of ...............
(A) Moorkoth Kumaran
(B) P. K. Chathan Master
(C) Thycaud Ayya Vaikundar
(D) A. K. Gopalan
Answer: C
265.       Freedom to walking in public roads for Dalits Ayyankali conducted a famous agitation in 1893:
(A) Adi Lahla
(B) Villuvandi yatra
(C) Nivarthana Agitation
(D) Channar Agitation
Answer: B
266.       British Prime Minister David Cameron resign due to ...............
(A) Fear of parliament impeachment
(B) Lost the majority in cabinet
(C) Brexit
(D) Administrative misconduct
Answer: C
267.       Winner of Vallathol Award 2016?
(A) Sree Kumaran Thambi
(B) Annad
(C) Yousaf Ali Kechery
(D) P. Narayana Kurup
Answer: A
268.       How many schedule does right to Information Act, 2005 have?
(A) 3
(B) 6
(C) 8
(D) 2
Answer: D
269.       'Oru Theruvinta Katha' novel of S. K. Pottakad is related to which street?
(A) Mattancheri
(B) Chalai Bazar
(C) Princes street
(D) S. M. Street
Answer: D
270.    The social reformer who related to 'Mookkoothi Samaram' and 'Achippudava Samaram':
(A) K. P. Vellon
(B) Velayudha Panikkar
(C) T. K. Madavan
(D) K. Kelappan
Answer: B

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