PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 8

71.       Which is the longest river in Kerala?
(A) Bharatha Puzha
(B) Periyar
(C) Pamba
(D) Nila
Answer: B
72.       The first women to become a member in Travancore legislative assembly?
(A) Akkama Cherian
(B) Lalitha Prabhu
(C) Mary Punnen Lukkose
(D) Anna Chandi
Answer: C
73.       The founder and editor of women's Magazine Shrimathi?
(A) A. V. Kuttimalu Amma
(B) Akkama Cherian
(C) Lalitha Prabhu
(D) Anna Chandi
Answer: D
74.       Who consecrated Ezhava Siva at Aruvippuram?
(A) Kumaran Asan
(B) Sreenarayana Guru
(C) Chattambi Swamikal
(D) Vaikuta Swamikal
Answer: B
75.       Who is the chairman of National Human Rights Commission?
(A) K.G. Bala Krishnan
(B) J.B. Koshi
(C) Ranganadha Misra
(D) H.L. Datt
Answer: ?
76.       Who was selected as Best Actor in the National Film Award Festival in 2015-16?
(A) Kamalahasan
(B) Amita Bachan
(C) Mohanlal
(D) Rajinikanth
Answer: B
77.       In which year India honoured Dr. Nelson R. Mandela by awarding Bharat Ratna?
(A) 1992
(B) 1994
(C) 1990
(D) 1987
Answer: C
78.       The Nobel Prize winner for Peace in 2013:
Answer: B
79.       What is the full form of ‘NITI’ in NITI Aayog?
(A) National Integration and Transforming India
(B) National Institution for Transforming India
(C) National Institution for Transporting India
(D) National Institute for Technology of India
Answer: B
80.    Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2014?
(A) Alice Munro
(B) Herta Muller
(C) Patrick Modiano
(D) Mo Yan
Answer: C

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