PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 11

101.       From where was Kerala's first newspaper 'Kerala Samacharam' published ?
(A) Calicut
(B) Cannanore
(C) Tellicherry
(D) Kasargod
Answer: C
102.       When was Panchayati Raj Act passed in Kerala ?
(A) 1960
(B) 1961
(C) 1962
(D) 1963
Answer: A
103.       Who is known to the world of letters by his title 'Kerala Panini' ?
(A) Kerala Varma
(B) K. C. Kesava Pillai
(C) Kochunni Tampuran
(D) A. R. Raja Raja Varma
Answer: D
104.       Which district introduced 'Kudumasree Scheme' in Kerala ?
(A) Ernakulam
(B) Kottayam
(C) Kollam
(D) Alappuzha
Answer: D
105.       Which Chief Minister brought 'Dies non' law of Kerala ?
(A) E. M. S. Naboothirippad
(B) E. K. Nayanar
(C) C. Achyutha Menon
(D) Panampilly Govinda Menon
Answer: C
106.       Name the cyclonic storm that hits the coasts of Odisha recently:
(A) Haiyan
(B) Helen
(C) Thane
(D) Phailin
Answer: ?
107.       With respect to the Constitution of India, consider the following :
1) Fundamental Rights
2) Fundamental Duties
3) Directive Principles of State Policy.
Which of the above is/are fulfilled by the National Social Assistance Programme launched by the Government of India?
(A) Only 1)
(B) Only 2)
(C) 1) and 3)
(D) 2) and 3)
Answer: C
108.       What does the 104th Constitutional Amendment Bill related to ?
(A) Abolition of legislative councils in certain states
(B) Providing quota to socially and economically backward classes in private educational institutions
(C) Introduction of dual citizenship for persons of Indian origin abroad
(D) Allotting quota for religious minorities in central government service
Answer: B
109.       Who was the Chief Justice of India when public interest litigation was introduced to the Indian Judicial System?
(A) M. Hidayathullah
(B) A. M. Ahmedi
(C) A. S. Anand
(D) P. N. Bhagavati
Answer: D
110.    Read the following statements :
1) The Governor of Punjab is concurrently the administrator of Chandigarh.
2) The Governor of Kerala is concurrently the administrator of Lakshadweep.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are correct?
(A) Only 1)
(B) Only 2)
(C) Both 1) and 2)
(D) Neither 1) nor 2)
Answer: A

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