Facts about India - Quiz 24

1.       NAFED is connected with:
Agricultural marketing
2.       The identifying number given to the income tax payers by the Department is:
Permanent Account Number
3.       Which five year plan was called Harrold Domer model?
First FYP
4.       The major emphasis of Third Five Year Plan was:
Making India self-reliant
5.       During which Five Year Plan, the Twenty Point Programme (TPP) was launched by Indira Gandhi?
6.       The first Asian country to start Community Development Project:
7.       What is functioned in Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers ?
Bombay Stock Excahnge
8.       The originator of Human Development Index:
Mahbub ul Haq
9.       The Indian capital market is under the control of:
10.    The acronym SEBI stands for:
Securities and Exchange Board of India

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