Facts about India - Quiz 23

1.       India copied the idea of Five Year Plans from:
Former Soviet Union
2.       The apex bank of industrial credit in India:
3.       The first National Income Committee was constituted in the year:
4.       The full form of ‘P.P.P.’ in financial world:
Purchasing Power Parity
5.       Which is the largest public sector bank in India?
State Bank of India
6.       Which is the bank with most foreign branches in India?
State Bank of India
7.       The prominent function of Central Statistical Organization:
To collect national income statistics
8.       The headquarters of Allahabad bank is in:
9.       The economic planning proposed by eight leading industrialists in 1945 is known as:
Bombay plan
10.    The insurance company that was founded by Dorab Tata:
New India Assurance

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