Constitution of India - Quiz 20

1.       The Judges of Supreme Court can be removed by:
2.       The number of Supreme Court judges including Chief Justice when the Constitution was brought into force:
3.       The retiring age of the judge of Supreme Court:
65 years
4.       The second chamber of the state legislature is known as:
Legislative Council
5.       The strength of the council of ministers is ….....% of the total number of members.
6.       The total number of electors including MPs and MLAs for the Presidential Election:
7.       To be appointed as the Advocate General of the State, the person should possess the qualifications necessary for appointment as:
A Judge of the High Court
8.       Under which Article of the Constitution a citizen can approach the High Court if he has been denied Fundamental Rights:
9.       What according to Ramsay Muir, the ‘steering wheel of the ship of the state’?
10.    Which Act passed by the British Parliament divided India and Pakistan?
Indian Independence Act, 1947
11.    Which Article is related to the power of the President to issue ordinances?
12.    Which Article of the Constitution is related to amendment procedure?
13.    Which Article of the Indian Constitution is related to creation of abolition of Legislative Council of the State?
14.    Any citizen of India over……...years of age can be appointed as Governor:
15.    How many times can the President ask the Council of Ministers to reconsider its advice?
16.    If a member absents himself from Parliament for …...... days without permission of the House, his seat may be declared vacant.
17.    If a state legislative council is to be created or abolished, a resolution to that effect is to be first passed by the state Legislature by a ….........majority:
Two Thirds
18.    In case of President dies and the Vice President and Supreme Court Chief Justice are not available who acts as the President?
Senior most judge of Supreme Court
19.    Which Article of the Constitution is related to President’s rule in State?
20.    Which Article of the Constitution is related to prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth?

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