Facts about India - Quiz 20

1.       Which is the longest river bridge of India?
Mahatma Gandhi Setu is a bridge over the river Ganges connecting Patna in the south to Hajipur in the north of Bihar. Its length is 5,750 metres.
2.       Who was the political guru of Gopala Krishna Gokhale?
MG Ranade
3.       In which day Gandhiji was assassinated?
4.       Who was the leader of Dharma Sabha which has the chief objective to counter act the propaganda of Brahma Samaj?
Radhakant Dev
5.       Who wrote the book ‘Gandhi and Anarchy’?
C.Sankaran Nair

6.       The prime minister who signed on Lahore Declaration with Nawaz Sherif of Pakistan:
A B Vajpayee
7.       The autobiography of Morarji Desai:
Story of My Life
8.       Who succeeded Rajiv Gandhi as the prime minister of India:
9.       To whom Jawaharlal Nehru dedicated his autobiography?
Kamala Nehru
10.    Which is the oldest botanical garden of India?
Farhat Baksh Botanical Garden (The Saharanpur Botanic Garden or the Company Garden), Uttar Pradesh.

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