Facts about Kerala - Quiz 8

1.       The exponent of the name ‘Mathrubhumi’?
K.P. Kesavamenon
2.       Whose autobiography is ‘Kazhinja kalam’?
K.P. Kesavamenon
3.       Which district in Kerala has the largest number of municipalities?
4.       The first Communist Leader whose statue was erected at parliament of India.
A.K. Gopalan
5.       Who was known as “Pavangalude padathalavan”?
A.K. Gopalan

6.       Who led the starvation march in 1936?
A.K. Gopalan
7.       The remains of sister Alphonsa is kept at:
8.       Which Fort in Kerala was also known as Fort William?
Chettuva Fort
9.       MN Govindan Nair started One Lakh Housing Scheme at:
Chithara (Chadayamangalam)
10.    The temple known as ‘Dakshina Mookambika’:

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