Renaissance in Kerala - Quiz 22

1.       Malayali Memorial was submitted to Travancore King in the Year ?
2.       Who was the author of the work ' Vinayakashtakam '?
Sree Narayana Guru
3.       In which district was Perinad strike held?
4.       Who propagated Rajayoga through eloquent speeches?
5.       Which king of Travancore banned Suchindram Kaimukku?
Swathi Thirunal

6.       The date of Temple Entry Proclamation in Travancore?
12th November 1936
7.       Which satyagraha was conducted after Independence?
Paliyam Satyagraha (1948)
8.       The slogan 'Travancore for Travancoreans' is related to ?
Malayali Memorial
9.       Who was the official editor of 'Vivekodayam' when it was started in 1904?
M. Govindan
10.    In which temple Sree Narayana Guru installed a slab as idol with the words : "Sathyam (Truth), Dharmam (Ethics), Daya (Compassion), Sneham (Love)"?

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