Facts about Kerala - Quiz 1

1.       The first Congress leader to complete tenure as the Chief Minister of Kerala?
K. Karunakaran
2.       The Chief Minister who survived most number of no-confidence nation?
K. Karunakaran
3.       Who built the Palakkad Fort in1766?
Hyder Ali
4.       The largest producer of rubber in India?
5.       The Indian state with the oldest synagogue?

6.       The Woman leader who contested for the most number of times to Kerala Legislative Assembly?
K.R. Gowri
7.       Who authored the travelogue ‘Bilathi Visesham’?
K.P. Kesavamenon
8.       From where A.K. Gopalan did start his starvation march in 1936?
9.       The King of Travancore who introduced vernacular schools?
Ayilyam Thirunal
10.    Raja Raja Chola invaded Kerala in:
AD 1000

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