Computer GK Questions and Answers - Set 34

1.       Which of the following operating system is used on mobile phones ?
(A) Windows Vista       (B) Android
(C) Windows XP          (D) All of the above
Answer: B
2.       If (y)x represents a number y in base x, then which of the following numbers is smallest of all ?
(A) (1111)2        (B) (1111)8
(C) (1111)10       (D) (1111)16
Answer: A
3.       Twitter is generally used for :
(A) secret information sharing          (B) electronic mailing
(C) interpersonal communication     (D) social networking
Answer: D
4.       High level programming language can be converted to machine language using which of the following ?
(A) Oracle          (B) Compiler
(C) Mat lab        (D) Assembler
Answer: B
5.       Which part of the central processing unit(CPU) perform calculation and makes decisions
(A) Arithmetic Logic Unit        (B) Alternating Logic Unit
(C) Alternate Local Unit          (D) American Logic Unit
Answer: A

6.       S/MIME in Internet technology stands for
(A) Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
(B) Secure Multimedia Internet Mail Extension
(C) Simple Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension
(D) Simple Multimedia Internet Mail Extension
Answer: A
7.       The octal number system consists of the following symbols:
(A) 0 – 7                         (B) 0 – 9
(C) 0 – 9, A – F             (D) None of the above
Answer: A
8.       What is the permanent memory built into your computer called ?
(A) RAM                        (B) ROM
(C) CPU                        (D) CD-ROM
Answer: B
9.       The 'brain' of a computer which keeps peripherals under its control is called
(A) Common Power Unit        (B) Common Processing Unit
(C) Central Power Unit           (D) Central Processing Unit
Answer: D
10.    RAM means
(A) Random Access Memory             (B) Rigid Access Memory
(C) Rapid Access Memory                 (D) Revolving Access Memory
Answer: A

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