Computer GK Questions and Answers - Set 27

1.       Devices that make up a computer system that you can see or touch.
(A) menu           (B) print
(C) software      (D) hardware
Answer: D
2.       Which one of the following represent the binary equivalent of the decimal number 23 ?
(A) 01011          (B) 10111
(C) 10011          (D) None of the above
Answer: B
3.       Which of the following is PIM software ?
(A) Microsoft Word       (B) Microsoft Outlook
(C) Microsoft Excel      (D) None of these
Answer: B
4.       Cloud computing means
(A) Computing using the satellite
(B) Computing using cloud chamber technology
(C) Computing which results in errors
(D) Shifting computing power from offline PCs and Laptops onto the Web
Answer: D
5.       To create a prototype of a new product, a designer might use a ………….. program.
(A) CAD             (B) 3D modeling
(C) paint                        (D) None of these
Answer: B

6.       SQL stands for …………..
(A) Standard Query Language         (B) Static Query Language
(C) Simplified Query Language        (D) Structured Query Language
Answer: D
7.       How will words appear on the page? We call it as
(A) Text formatting       (B) Character formatting
(C) Point size               (D) Type face
Answer: A
8.       The Internet is an example of a …………… network.
(A) ring              (B) bus
(C) hybrid          (D) mesh
Answer: D
9.       ……………… helps in capturing row data and entering into Computer System.
(A) CPU                         (B) Integrated Circuit
(C) Input device           (C) Motherboard
Answer: C
10.    This technology allows a phone call to be routed over network wires.
(A) VOIP                                    (B) teleconferencing
(C) video-conferencing          (D) None of these
Answer: A

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