Renaissance in Kerala - Quiz 18

1.       In which district is Panmana Ashram situated?
2.       Ayyavazhi is a dharmic belief system centered on the life and preachings of:
Vaikunda Swamikal
3.       'Whatever the religion, attire, language and such other things of human kind, as they belong to same cast (species) there is no harm in inter-dining and intermarriage between them' Sree Narayana Guru made this suggestion to ?
Sahodaran Ayyappan
4.       In 1959, who given the title Bharatha Kesari (Lion of India) by the Indian President?
Mannathu Padmanabhan
5.       Who is the author of the famous work Jaathikkummi?
K. P.Karuppan

6.       Who formed Ezhava Mahasabha?
Dr. Palpu
7.       In 1913, Sree Narayana Guru founded the Advaita Ashram at:
8.       Which was the birth place of Sahodaran Ayyappan?
Cherai (Ernakulam)
9.       Where was Ayyankali born in 1863?
10.    Who founded Sahodara Sangam for eradicating casteism?
Sahodaran Ayyappan

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