Computer GK Questions and Answers - Set 17

1.       Which of the following statements is true ?
(A) Smart cards do not require an operating system.
(B) Smart cards and PCs use some operating system.
(C) COS is smart card operating system.
(D) The communication between reader and card is in full duplex mode.
Answer: C
2.       Which of the following storage media provides sequential access only ?
(A) Floppy disk             (B) Magnetic disk
(C) Magnetic tape        (D) Optical disk
Answer: C
3.       Programs or a set of electronic Instructions that tell a computer what to do.
(A) Menu           (B) Monitor
(C) Hardware    (D) Software
Answer: D
4.       Which number system is usually followed in a typical 32-bit computer ?
(A) 2       (B) 8
(C) 10     (D) 16
Answer: A
5.       Which one of the following is an example of Operating System ?
(A) Microsoft Word                   (B) Microsoft Excel
(C) Microsoft Access               (D) Microsoft Windows
Answer: D

6.       Example of non-numeric data is
(A) Employee address            (B) Examination score
(C) Bank balance                    (D) All of these
Answer: A
7.       A symbol on the screen that represents a disk, document or program that you can select …………..
(A) keys             (B) caps
(C) icon             (D) monitor
Answer: C
8.       Which of the following is not a computer language?
(A) PASCAL                 (B) UNIX
(C) FORTRAN              (D) COBOL
Answer: B
9.       A keyboard has atleast
(A) 91 keys        (B) 101 keys
(C) 111 keys     (D) 121 keys
Answer: B
10.    The Father of Modern Computer is:
(A) Charles Babbage              (B) Blaize Pascal
(C) Howard Icons                    (D) Shanon
Answer: A

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