Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Solved Paper 92/2015 - Part 8

71.       Fill in the blanks with suitable articles: “Can I have …………… omelette and …………… apple with my tea?”
(A) a, an                        (B) a, a
(C) an, an          (D) an, a
Answer: C
72.       Correct the following sentence: “No newses are good newses.”
(A) No news is good news                 (B) No newses are good newses
(C) No newses is good newses        (D) No news are good news
Answer: A
73.       The masculine gender of ‘Duck’ is :
(A) Duckling                 (B) Goose
(C) Swan                       (D) Drake
Answer: D
74.       Pick out the adjective from the following sentence: “Neha comes here every day.”
(A) comes                      (B) here
(C) every                       (D) day
Answer: C
75.       Fill in the suitable comparative form of the adjective: “Have you heard the …………. News?”
(A) late               (B) later
(C) latest            (D) lated
Answer: C

76.       Fill in the suitable prepositions: “My mother told me …………. Never cry ……………. Split milk.”
(A) of, on           (B) to, cover
(C) that, at         (D) so, upon
Answer: B
77.       Change the sentence into passive voice: “Manners reveal true character.”
(A) True character is revealed by manners.
(B) Good manners reveal good character.
(C) True manner reveal character.
(D) It is manners that reveal character.
Answer: A
78.       Replace the underlined phrase with one word: “I did not expect such childish talk from a grow-up man.”
(A) tamper         (B) prattle
(C) ridicule        (D) stammer
Answer: B
79.       Fill in the blanks with a suitable idiom: “The policemen came to my house and accused me of stealing a necklace but I told them that they were …………….”
(A) looking a gift horse in the mouth
(B) blowing hot and cold
(C) one for the road
(D) barking up the wrong tree
Answer: D
80.    Fill in the blank space with a suitable word: “The Global Positioning System (GPS) helps us to …………”
(A) navigate                  (B) envelope
(C) nostalgia                 (D) endeavour
Answer: A

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