Constitution of India - Quiz 12

1.       The Contingency Fund of a State is in the nature of an imprest, is placed at the disposal of :
2.       The details regarding acquisition and termination of Indian Citizenship are enumerated in:
Indian Citizenship Act, 1955
3.       Which state has the least number of Legislative Council seats?
Jammu & Kashmir
4.       Which state has the least number of members in its Legislative Assembly?
5.       The members of the State Public Service Commission are appointed by the ……….. and can be removed by the President on the advice of Supreme Court.
6.       The minimum age prescribed to become the Governor of a State:
7.       When was the ninth schedule added to the Constitution?
8.       Which Article of the Constitution related to issuance of ordinances by the President?
9.       From which community the President of India can nominate two members to Lok Sabha to ensure representation?
10.    Who summons the Lok Sabha?

11.    Who has the power to dissolve the Lok Sabha?
The President
12.    Amendment by special majority means the bill is passed in each house by a majority of the total membership and by a majority not less than ........ of the members that house present and voting:
Two thirds
13.    Amendment that needs ratification by states must be ratified by Legislatures of not less than ...... of the states.
One half
14.    From which country India adopted the ideas of Fundamental Duties?
Former USSR
15.    The Articles of the Constitution related to Directive Principles of State Policy:
36 to 51
16.    The Constitutional amendment granted a position of primacy to all Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights:
17.    From which country India copied the procedure of amendment of Constitution?
South Africa
18.    Full statehood was granted to Arunachal Pradesh by……...amendment.
19.     ‘Right to equal opportunity for justice and free legal aid was added to Directive Principles through ..... amendment.
20.    The 42nd Amendment was introduced after the recommendations of ..... Committee.
Swaran Singh

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