Computer Awareness Questions and Answers - Set 6

1.       One Terabyte (TB) is equal to
(A) 1000 megabytes                (B) 2048 megabytes
(C) 1024 gigabytes                  (D) 1024 megabytes
Answer: C
2.       With a CD you can:
(A) Read                        (B) Write
(C) Read and Write     (D) Either Read or Write
Answer: C
3.       Rohith was asked to prepare a multimedia presentation as part of a seminar. Which of the following software can be made use of?
(A) Notepad                              (B) Excel
(C) Power Point                       (D) Adobe Reader
Answer: C
4.       In internet terminology IP means
(A) Internet Provider                (B) Internet Protocol
(C) Internet Procedure            (D) Internet Processor
Answer: B
5.       …………… view, shows how the Contents on printed page will appear with margin, header and footer.
(A) Draft             (B) Full Screen Reading
(C) Outline        (D) Page Layout
Answer: D
6.       Computers use the …………. number system to store data and perform calculations.
(A) octal             (B) hexadecimal
(C) binary          (D) decimal
Answer: C
7.       The Internet was originally a project for this government agency.
(A) ARPA          (B) NSF
(C) NSA             (D) None of these
Answer: A
8.       The patterns of printed lines on most products are called …………….
(A) prices           (B) barcodes
(C) scanners    (D) None of these
Answer: B
9.       To what temporary area can you store text and other data, and later paste them to another location?
(A) The clipboard         (B) ROM
(C) CD-ROM                 (D) The hard disk
Answer: A
10.    The browser’s ……………. keeps a list of web pages you have visited during the current session.
(A) favorites      (B) cache
(C) history         (D) All of these
Answer: C

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