Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Solved Paper 92/2015 - Part 2

11.       In the following question there is question mark in the blank space and it is only one of the five alternatives given under the question which satisfies the same relationship as is found between the two words to the left of the sign ’::’ given in the question. Find the correct alternative in the question:
(A) BDAOE                   (B) EOABD
(C) AOEBD                   (D) DBAOE
Answer: D
12.       In the following groups one does not belong to that group. Find the odd man:
Chariot, Bus, Wagon, Car, Sleigh
(A) Wagon                    (B) Chariot
(C) Sleigh                     (D) Car
Answer: C
13.       Arrange the following words in the alphabetic order:
(1) approximation        (2) appropriation                   (3) appurtenance     (4) apportionment
(A) 1, 2, 3, 4                  (B) 4, 3, 2, 1
(C) 4, 2,1, 3                   (D) 4, 1, 2, 3
Answer: C
14.       Find out the best explanation for the following statement from the answer choices:
Grapes are cheaper than apples. I do not have money to buy two kilograms of grapes. Therefore:
(A) I cannot buy two kilograms of grapes
(B) I can buy one kilograms of grapes
(C) I cannot buy one kilogram of grapes and one kilogram of apples
(D) I can buy two kilograms of apples
Answer: A
15.       In a secret way of writing COME AT ONCE FATHER VERY ILL is written as XLNV ZG LMXY UYGSVI EVIB ROO. Bearing this in mind pick up the code from the answer choices for the word below:

16.       A person was going towards south, then turn left then left again, then right. After that he turned about. In which direction is he now?
(A) North           (B) South
(C) East             (D) West
Answer: D
17.       In the following question the mathematical number follow according to a pattern. Discover that pattern and then pick up the missing number from the answer choices:
2, 5, 9, 19, 37, ?
(A) 75                 (B) 85
(C) 87                 (D) 47
Answer: A
18.       If the 11th day of a month having 31 days is a Saturday, which of the following days will occur five times in that month?
(A) Monday                   (B) Saturday
(C) Sunday                   (D) Thursday
Answer: D
19.       In the question below three words are given. They are followed by four words one of which stands for the class to which these three words belong. Identify that word:
Barbarous, Crude, Rude
(A) unrefined                (B) gentlemanly
(C) rude                         (D) cultured
Answer: A
20.    Read the statements carefully and answer the question which follow:
A cube has six sides each of a different colour. The red side is opposite black. The green side is between red and black. The blue side is adjacent to white. The brown side is adjacent to blue. The red side is face down. The side opposite brown is:
(A) Red              (B) Black
(C) White           (D) Green
Answer: C

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