General Knowledge - Quiz 6

1.       In which date the first ministry came into power?
(A) 5th April, 1957                   (B) 16th March, 1957
(C) 28th February, 1957         (D) 31st July, 1959
Answer: A
2.       Only leader to become Deputy Chief Minister of Kerala twice.
(A) R Sankar                            (B) Awkkaderkutty Naha
(C) CH Muhammad Koya      (D) None of these
Answer: C
3.       In which river the Dharmadom island is situated?
(A) Periyar         (B) Chaliyar
(C) Kabani        (D) Anchrakkandy
Answer: D
4.       Which district in Kerala has the largest number of National Parks:
(A) Wayanad    (B) Palakkad
(C) Ernakulam             (D) Idukky
Answer: D
5.       The first minister in the history of Kerala to fail in by-election:
(A) K.Muraleedharan              (B) MV Raghavan
(C) R.Balakrishna Pillai         (D) None of these
Answer: A
6.       The first woman to get Nobel Prize:
(A) Bertha Von Suttner           (B) Marie Curie
(C) SelmaLagerlof                   (D) Pearl S Buck
Answer: B
7.       The second to become Secretary General of United Nations:
(A) Dag Hammarskjold           (B) Trygve Lie
(C) U Thant                               (D) Kurt Waldheim
Answer: A
8.       National Sports day is observed on August 29. It is the birth day of:
(A) Major Dhyan Chand         (B)Lala Amarnath
(C) Vivekananda                     (D) K.Jadhav
Answer: A
9.       “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat” Who is related to this statement?
(A) Subhas Chandra Bose    (B) Napoleon
(C) Winston Churchill                        (D) Gandhiji
Answer: C
10.    The founder of Kolkata:
(A) Fracis Martin          (B) Francis Dey
(C) Job Charnok          (D) Robert Clive
Answer: C

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