General Knowledge - Quiz 5

1.       Which city was known as Kusumpur, Pushpapura, Azimabad in different periods?
(A) Patna           (B) Delhi
(C) Kolkata        (D) Bhopal
Answer: A
2.       Arthasastra is a book on:
(A) Philosophy             (B) Statecraft
(C) Astronomy (D) Geography
Answer: B
3.       Who was known as ‘MaduraiKonda Chola’?
(A) Vijyalaya     (B) Rajendra
(C) Rajaraja      (D) Parantaka
Answer: D
4.       Name the Governor General who was called ‘Akbar of British India’?
(A) W ellesley               (B) Curzon
(C) William Bentick     (D) Dufferin
Answer: A
5.       The incident which compelled Gandhiji to repeal non-cooperation movement?
(A) Wagon tragedy
(B) Jallianwallabagh Massacre
(C) Chauri-Chaura incident
(D) Champaran satyagraha
Answer: C
6.       The Prime Minister of India when SAARC was formed in 1985 December:
(A) Rajeev Gandhi      (B) Indira Gandhi
(C) V.P.Singh               (D) None of these
Answer: A
7.       The Act which introduced diarchy or dual government for the first time:
(A) Govt. of India Act, 1919
(B) Govt. of India Act, 1935
(C) Indian Council Act, 1909
(D) Indian Council Act, 1892
Answer: A
8.       The tenure of member of Rajya Sabha is ……..... years.
(A) 4       (B) 5
(C) 6       (D) Permanent
Answer: C
9.       Which Article of the Constitution deals with Amendment procedure?
(A) 360   (B) 370
(C) 368 (D) 356
Answer: C
10.    The name ‘Exide’ is related to:
(A) Tyres                        (B) Battery
(C) Mobile phone        (D) Computer
Answer: B

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