General Knowledge - Quiz 4

1.       In which continent is Atlas mountain?
(A) Asia                                     (B) North America
(C) South America      (D) Africa
Answer: D
2.       In which state is Naina Devi Temple?
(A) Haryana      (B) Jammu Kashmir
(C) Gujarat        (D) Himachal Pradesh
Answer: B
3.       The sugar bowl of the world:
(A) Portugal      (B) India
(C) Jamaica      (D) Cuba
Answer: D
4.       Lenin passed away in:
(A) 1924            (B) 1928
(C) 1930            (D) 1948
Answer: A
5.       The national calender of India is based on …….....Era:
(A) Kollam Era (B) Gregorian
(C) Saka            (D) Hijra
Answer: C
6.       The smallest district in India:
(A) Yanam        (B) Alappuzha
(C) Chennai     (D) Mahe
Answer: D
7.       The first state formed on linguistic basis in 1953:
(A) Andhra        (B) Rajastan
(C) Karnataka   (D) Tamil Nadu
Answer: A
8.       Gurgaon where the factory of Maruti Udyog Limited is situated is in the state of:
(A) Haryana      (B) Punjab
(C) Assam         (D) West Bengal
Answer: A
9.       The first Insurance company in India:
(A) Oriental Life Insurance Company
(B) Bombay Mutual Life Assurance Society
(C) National Insurance Company
(D) United Insurance Company
Answer: A
10.    Tamasha is a dance form in:
(A) Maharashtra           (B) Kerala
(C) Karnataka               (D) Orissa
Answer: A

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