General Knowledge - Quiz 3

1.       The subjects in which Marie Curie got Nobel Prizes:
(A) Chemistry, Medicine         (B) Physics, Medicine
(C) Physics, Chemistry           (D) Physics, Peace
Answer: C
2.       Orange Prize is related to:
(A) Sports          (B) Literature
(C) Cinema       (D) Science
Answer: B
3.       The United Nations University is in
(A) New York    (B) Tokyo
(C) London       (D) Costa Rica
Answer: B
4.       In which class Buddha was born?
(A) Brahmin      (B) Kshatriya
(C) Vaisya         (D) Sudra
Answer: B
5.       Which period is referred to as the the classical age of Ancient India:
(A) Mauryas      (B) Kushanas
(C) Guptas        (D) Haryanka
Answer: C
6.       Who founded the Pallava dynasty?
(A) Vijayalaya   (B) Mayurasarman
(C) Dantidurga             (D) Simhavishnu
Answer: D
7.       The city built by Krishna Deva Raya:
(A) Hampi          (B) Nagalpur
(C) Bhagalpur (D) Kanchi
Answer: B
8.       Death anniversary of Mahathma Gandhi is observed as:
(A) National rededication day                       (B) National integration day
(C) Martyr’s Day                                   (D) None of these
Answer: C
9.       The place in Rajastan famous for camel hair products:
(A) Kota             (B) Bikaner
(C) Jaipur          (D) Pokhran
Answer: B
10.    Alexandria is on the banks of:
(A) Nile              (B) Congo
(C) Zambezi      (D) Orange
Answer: A

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