Constitution of India - Quiz 7

1.       The date mentioned in the preamble of the Constitution:
26th November 1949
2.       The status of India from 15th August 1947 to 26th January 1950:
Dominion in the British Commonwealth of Nations
3.       “The state shall have no religion of its own and all persons shall be equally entitled to freedom of conscience and right freely to profess, practice and propagate religion”- This principle is termed:
4.       As per the provisions of the Constitution the minimum strength of State Legislative Assembly is:
5.       As per the provisions of the Constitution, the strength of State Legislative Assembly is limited upto:
6.       Cabinet system in India was copied from:
7.       From which country Ireland copied Directive Principles?
Spanish Republic
8.       If the post of president is vacant, a new president will be elected within ........ months.
9.       In case of resignation, the President submits his resignation letter to:
Vice President
10.    In which case the Supreme Court gave the verdict that the preamble is a part of Constitution?
Keshavananda Bharati Case

11.    India borrowed the idea of Fundamental Rights from the Constitutuion of:
12.    Legislative Assembly of which state has the tenure of six years?
Jammu & Kashmir
13.    “A representative and responsible system under which those who administer the affairs of the state are chosen by the electorate and accountable to them”- This refers to:
14.    Which term implies an elected head of state:
15.    The minimum age required to become a candidate for the post of President:
16.    The minimum age required to contest in the election to Legislative Assembly:
17.    The minimum age required to vote in the election to Legislative Assembly:
18.    The number of rooms in Rashrapathi Bhavan:
19.    The number of states in India with Legislative Council, the second chamber of Legislature:
20.    The official residence of the President of India, Rashrapathi Bhavan, was designed by:
Edwin Lutyens

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