Constitution of India - Quiz 5

1.       Which part of the Constitution deals with Elections?
Part XV
2.       Which part of the Constitution is dealt with States and Union Territories?
Part I
3.       Which party has the second largest number of members in the Constituent Assembly:
Muslim League
4.       Which Schedule contains Panchayat Raj?
5.       The number of schedules in the Constitution of India at present:
6.       How much of the total members of Rajya Sabha is elected every two years?
7.       Which is presided over by a non-member?
Rajya Sabha
8.       Which is called House of Elders?
Rajya Sabha
9.       A money bill sent to Rajya Sabha should be returned to the lower house within .........days.

10.    The first joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha was held in the year:
11.    The objective resolution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on:
22nd January 1947
12.    The tenure of member of Lok Sabha is ..........years.
13.    As per the provisions of the Constitution the number of members of Lok Sabha is limited as:
14.    As per the provisions of the Constitution the number of members of Rajya Sabha is limited as:
15.    On normal business days, the Lok Sabha proceedingd starts at …...... a.m.
16.    Which Schedule of the Constitution contains number of seats allotted to various States and Union Territories in Rajya Sabha?
Part IV
17.    Which state has the largest number of Rajya Sabha seats?
Uttar Pradesh
18.    The procedure of impeachment has been copied from:
19.    The strength of the Vidhan Parishad cannot be less than:
20.    The system of parliamentary democracy in India has been modelled on the system of:

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