Constitution of India - Quiz 4

1.       The total number of members in the Rajya Sabha at present:
2.       The total number of members of Parliament at present:
790 (Lok Sabha-545+Rajya Sabha 245)
3.       Finance Commission is appointed once in…….... years.
4.       Financial Emergency under Article 360 cannot be imposed by the Union in the state of:
Jammu and Kashmir
5.       For contesting in a Panchayat election, a candidate has to attain the age of ........ years:
6.       How many members have to support no confidence motion?
7.       How many members of House have to sign the resolution seeking President’s impeachment?
¼ th of the total
8.       In which case did the Supreme Court rule that Parliament had the right to amend any of the Fundamental Rights?
Keshavananda Bharati
9.       In which state two woman are nominated by the Governor to the Legislative Assembly?
Jammu and Kashmir
10.    On what basis seats are allotted to the states in Lok Sabha?

11.    Part VI of the Constitution is applicable to all states except:
Jammu & Kashmir
12.    Proclamation of emergency due to break down of Constitutional machinery has to be approved by Parliament within .........
Two months
13.    The total number of nominated members in Parliament:
14 (Lok Sabha-2+Rajya Sabha 12)
14.    The total number of sessions of the Constituent Assembly:
15.    The Vice President of the Constituent Assembly was:
Harendra Coomar Mookerjee
16.    Third Scheule of the Constitution contains ...........
Oath and Affirmations
17.    Under which Act the post of Governor General of India was renamed ‘Viceroy of India’?
Govt of India Act, 1858
18.    Which Act transferred the administration of India from the British hands to the Indian hands completely?
Indian Independence Act
19.    Which Part of the Constitution contains amendment provisions?
Part XX
20.    Which Part of the Constitution contains emergency provisions?

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