Constitution of India - Quiz 1

1.       Which amendment of the Constitution empowered the Parliament to amend any part of the Constitution including preamble?
2.       Which amendment of the Constitution gave Associated State status to Sikkim?
3.       The State in India which has the largest number of Local Self Government Institutions:
Uttar Pradesh
4.       The Twelfth Schedule was added to the Constitution was added by...... Amendment:
5.       The Untouchability Offences Act was passed by the Parliament in:
6.       The Winter session of Lok Sabha begins in the month of:
7.       When a proclamation of national emergency is in force, the term of Lok Sabha can be extended by Parliament for the first time for a period not exceeding ...... at a time.
One year
8.       Which Amendment is related to Anti-Defection Law?
9.       Which amendment is related to reorganization of states on linguistic basis (1956)?
10.    The form of government in India is:

11.    The British crown assumed sovereignty over India from East India Company, through the ........:
Govt of India Act, 1858
12.    The Constituent Assembly approved the Constitution on:
26th November 1949
13.    The constituent assembly was elected indirectly by.........
The members of the Provincial legislative assembly
14.    The Constituent Assembly was formed after the proposals of:
Cabinet Mission
15.    After the partition, the membership of the Constituent Assembly was reduced to:
16.    The reform which introduced the element of election in indirect manner for the first time:
Indian Council Act, 1892
17.    The shortest Act passed by the British Parliament in respect of the administration of India.
Indian Independence Act
18.    Under which Act Burma (Myanmar) was separated from British India?
Govt. of India Act, 1935
19.    What was also known as Montague-Chelmsford Reforms?
Govt. of India Act, 1919
20.    Which Act by the British Parliament made provisions for appointment of a Governor General for the administration of the areas under the East India Company?
The Regulating Act, 1773

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