Kerala PSC Secretariat Assistant Previous Solved Question Paper 2013 - Part 1

1.       Identify the next number in the series:
2, 7, 17, 32, 52, 77, ………..
(A) 107               (B) 91            
(C) 101              (D) 92
Answer: A
2.       Identify the missing term:
PRT, …………, BDF, HJL, NPR
(A) UWY            (B) VYA                     
(C) VXZ             (D) AXY
Answer: C
3.       In a certain code SUNDAY is coded as USDNYA. How could CREATION be written in that code?
(A) NOITAERC             (B) RCTAENOI
(C) RCTAOIN               (D) RCAEITNO
Answer: D
4.       Find out the option which has the same type of relationship as ‘Chemistry and Science’?
(A) Painting and Arts             
(B) Medicine and Surgery
(C) Geography and History   
(D) Civics and Archaeology
Answer: A
5.       Identify the odd man out:
(A) 14     (B) 55
(C) 49     (D) 63
Answer: A (remaining odd numbers), B (remaining multiple of 7)
6.       A, B, C, D, E and F are sitting in six chairs regularly placed around a round table. It is observed that A is between D and F, C is opposite to D, D and E are not on neighboring chairs. Which one of the following must be true?
(A) A is opposite to B
(B) D is opposite to E
(C) C and B are neighbors
(D) B and E are neighbors
Answer: D
7.       Introducing a man, a woman said”His wife is the only daughter of my father”. How is that man related to woman?
(A) Brother                    (B) Husband
(C) Father in-law         (D) Maternal Uncle
Answer: B
8.       Facing south A start his journey and make turnings towards the left and right in the sequence given below. Which sequence will finally lead A to a direction other than the south?
(A) left, right, left, right, left, right
(B) left, right, right, left, left, right
(C) left, left, right, left, left, right
(D) right, right, right, left, left, left
Answer: C
9.       Some boys are standing in a queue. If the tenth boy from behind is 5 behind the 12th boy from the front, how many are there in the queue?
(A) 26     (B) 17
(C) 20     (D) 27
Answer: A
10.    A cyclist goes 40 km towards East and then turning to right he goes 40 km. Again he turn to his left and goes 20 km. After this he turns to his left and goes 40 km, then again turns right and goes 10 km. How far is he from his starting point?
(A) 150 km                    (B) 60 km
(C) 70 km                      (D) 50 km
Answer: C
11.    Which lamp has the highest energy efficiency?
(A) Incandescent Lamp          (B) LED Lamp
(C) CFL                                     (D) Arc Lamp
Answer: B
12.    Yellow light is a combination of …………. primary colors.
(A) Blue, Green            (B) Red, Blue
(C) Red, Green                        (D) Red, Blue and Green
Answer: C
13.    Diverging lens produces ………. type of images.
(A) small virtual image                        (B) big real image
(C) small real image                (D) big virtual image
Answer: A
14.    The process used to produce Ammonia is:
(A) Contact process                (B) Haber process
(C) Chlor-alkali process         (D) Creighton process
Answer: B
15.    The non-metal which exists in liquid state at room temperature is:
(A) Mercury       (B) Sodium
(C) Potassium  (D) Bromine
Answer: D
16.    2007 Nobel prize for Chemistry was awarded to:
(A) Gerhard Ertl                       
(B) Dan Shechtman
(C) Richard Fred Heck          
(D) Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Answer: A
17.    The 5th state of matter is:
(A) Plasma
(B) Magma
(C) Bose-Einstein condensate
(D) Fermionic condensate
Answer: C
18.    Speed of Blue color light in vacuum is:
(A) >3x108 m/s              (B) =3x108 m/s
(C) <3x108 m/s             (D) 300 m/s
Answer: B
19.    Which fuel has the highest Calorific Value?
(A) Bio-Gas       (B) Methane
(C) Petrol           (D) Hydrogen
Answer: D
20.    In which direction does rainbow appear in the morning?
(A) North           (B) South
(C) East             (D) West
Answer: D

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