Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Kerala PSC Degree Level GK Previous Questions - Set 44

431.       The northern and southern portions of Kerala have an average width of:
(A) 40 KM
(B) 30 KM
(C) 60 KM
(D) 130 KM
Answer: B
432.       What is the maximum thickness of laterite capping in Kerala?
(A) 5 cm
(B) 15 cm
(C) 10 cm
(D) 30 cm
Answer: D
433.       Which of the following places is known for pre-historic rock shelters?
(A) Marayur
(B) Guruvayur
(C) Kannur
(D) Kodungallur
Answer: A
434.       Who was the founder of the Ramakrishna Advaitha Ashramam at Kaladi?
(A) Sankaracharya
(B) Swami Agamananda
(C) Narayana Guru
(D) Vagbhatananda
Answer: B
435.       Who was the editor of Mitavadi?
(A) C Kesavan
(B) Dr. Palpu
(C) C Krishnan
(D) Sahodaran Ayyappan
Answer: C
436.       On which occasion did Mahatma Gandhi describe Ayyankali as “Pulaya Raja”?
(A) When Gandhiji visited Kerala in 1930
(B) When Ayyankali formed Sadhu Jana Paripalana Yogam
(C) When he visited Venganur in 1936
(D) When he heard of temple entry proclamation
Answer: C
437.       The Kakinada session of the Indian National Congress, which inspired the launch of the Vaikom Satyagraha, was held in:
(A) 1923           
(B) 1924
(C) 1922
(D) 1925
Answer: A
438.       The Catholic Mahajana Sabha was formed in:
(A) 1901
(B) 1906
(C) 1905
(D) 1911
Answer: C
439.       Who was the founder of the Kerala Muslim Aikya Sangham?
(A) E. Moidu Moulavi 
(B) Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi
(C) Muhammad Abdur Rahman      
(D) Yakub Hassan
Answer: B
440.    Who founded the Travancore Ezhava Sabha?
(A) Dr. Palpu
(B) Narayana Guru
(C) Kumaranasan
(D) Thycaud Aiyya
Answer: A


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