Monday, 27 July 2015

Constitution of India - Quiz 6

1.       To be appointed as a judge of Supreme Court, a person should have been an advocate of a High Court for atleast .........years.
2.       What is the Indian name given to our country in Constitution?
3.       What proportion of the total members of the Legislature Council is indirectly elected?
4.       When a public officer commits an action which infringes a person’s Fundamental Rights, a writ of ……...... is issued by the Court.
5.       Which schedule of the Constitution contains provisions about emoluments and allowances of Presidents and Governors?
6.       Which Schedule of the Constitution deals about administration and control of scheduled areas:
Part V
7.       The number of languages in the eighth Schedule of the Constitution:
8.       The number of languages in the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution when it was brought into force:
9.       Rajya Sabha is also known as:
Council of States
10.    The first chairman of Rajya Sabha:
S Radhakrishnan

11.    The first Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha:
SV Krishnamurthy
12.    The first hour of every sitting of Lok Sabha is called the .......
Question Hour
13.    The minimum age required to vote in Lok Sabha elections:
14.    The tenure of member of Rajya Sabha is…....... years.
15.    Who is the ex-officio chairman of Rajya Sabha:
Vice President
16.    Who was known as ‘father of Rajya Sabha’?
S Radhakrishnan
17.    How many members are nominated by the president to the Rajya Sabha:
18.    The number of elected members in Rajya Sabha at present:
19.    The sovereignty under the Constitution of India vested with:
20.    Which part of the Constitution of India represent the quintessence, the philosophy and the ideals or soul of the Constitution?


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